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It is always great to finish a hard working day and relaxing in a bathtub, preferably with good music and aromatic candles. But beyond that, and given the extra stress we are experiencing during this pandemic, it is interesting to see how your bathtub contributes to your health in general.

Getting into your bathtub will decrease your stress and anxiety. These two words are especially important if we are talking about the immune system of the body, as they affect it directly. You need to relax, gain self-control and help your body defend itself against the pathogens in the environment.

Having hydrojets in your tub is also a great way to stimulate your skin´s receptors, relieving tense muscles and easing blood circulation. The sensation of relaxation and flowing bloodstream creates wellness and stimulates the correct production of antibodies.

Another great effect of using your bathtub is the way steam helps ypu cleaning your skin, by opening pores, and especially, how it cleans your lungs. This is great for keeping them in an optimal shape for combating pathogens, and also hot water with soap helps you destroy the fatty layer that covers viruses, thus deactivating them.

A bathtub is not, of course, a way to be totally safe or getting cured from diseases, but a way to stimulate your body and making it feel good enough to reject pathogenic attacks by helping your immune system, along with healthy food and exercise. So next time you take a bath, be aware that you are not only contributing to your pleasure, but to your health.

Health Benefits of Having a Bathtub, The Health Benefits of Having a Bathtub