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Countertops and vanities increase home resale value. One of the key areas of the home which has the best returns on investment is the kitchen. Kitchen vanities and kitchen countertops are an integral part of any kitchen design process. They change the way a home looks, because they are usually situated often at the heart of the home. Therefore, they need especial attention.

When it comes to countertops, it is important to know that granite is highly appreciated, but quartz is harder and, therefore, more durable. It is not porous (granite is) and cleaning it is much easier, a factor that in this pandemic times is vital. A quartz countertop is easy to keep free of germs. Besides, in terms of price, quartz is cheaper.

There are, of course, some disadvantages. As quartz is heavier than granite, the cost of installing a countertop made of this material can be higher. Besides, the options of sinks are more limited when it comes to quartz countertops and excesive heat can also be very harmful for quartz.

If you have a quartz countertop and need to repair it, refinishing is perfectly possible. We have the proper compounds for this material, along with the right polishing pads. In case of having spcific damage, such as pits or chips, filling them is possible wit, for example, acrylic.

In summary, even though all materials have pros and cons, quartz is beautiful, durable and easy to clean, and they really add value to your home, which is at the end a great investment.


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