Now that you’ve spent the money on the home of your dreams, have you stopped to consider the cost of NOT doing home maintenance? You are putting your family at risk if you are not taking care of your home—both in terms of their safety and their health. Here are some free home maintenance tips that will keep your bathroom germ and worry free.

Recent headlines have alerted us to the cost of NOT doing home maintenance. The prevalence of toxic black mold has been found in old buildings, schools, and even the household bathroom because of a lack of household maintenance. We all know that we should clean the bathroom, but here are some free home maintenance tips that will help you avoid this dark problem.

Keeping your shower and bath tiles clean and dry are essential when you consider the cost of NOT doing home maintenance. Of course, when you shower, you will get the tub or shower wet, but one of the simple free home maintenance tips is to dry off the surfaces as soon as your step out. You can even make this fun for your children to do if you use a squeegee to accomplish this. Mold is caused by a buildup of moisture that then becomes a breeding ground for bacteria. By preventing the moisture, you can help to prevent the mold.

Of course, some of the surfaces are porous and will need special attention. This is where tile and grout cleaning tools can come in handy. These may include special brushes (Shower Track and Grout Brush) or in the form of heavy duty cleaning solutions (Tile and Grout Cleaner). The combination of these two kinds of tile and grout cleaning tools will help to clean the surfaces in and surrounding the shower and bath that may be harboring potential bacteria.

A little elbow grease is the best way to avoid the cost of NOT doing home maintenance. What you may want to consider is making up a schedule of when you will regularly clean the shower. Because many of the tile and grout cleaning tools can be dangerous to children, you will want to clean the areas yourself. You may also want to schedule a cleaning time that allows the area to be avoided for a while—maybe when the children are in school. If you have two bathrooms, you will want to do them on two different days to keep one ready for use. The fumes of some cleaners can be toxic, so you want to keep the area closed off and well-ventilated until the fumes have dissipated.

Gather the tile and grout cleaning tools and start with the tub or shower. You want to follow the directions on the package of cleaner and then use the brush to work in the chemicals. These chemicals prevent the cost of NOT doing home maintenance by killing any bacteria that may have built up or making an environment where it is difficult for bacteria to multiply. You will want to scrub at the tile grout especially since it is porous and bacteria can sink in.

Another area that might contribute to the cost of NOT doing home maintenance is the edges around the tub where it has been caulked. You want to make sure that you are using a disinfectant cleaner (Industrial Germicidal Cleaner) along these edges. Pools of water from water splashing or even the shower itself may settle there and cause mold and mildew as well. This mold and mildew may begin to spread and if left unchecked, you will have to replace the entire affected area.

You will then want to make sure that the grout or caulk around the sink is also clean. It is good to note that if you do notice any cracks or pieces missing in your grout, you will want to have them sealed. It’s when water gets through that mold can build up and begin to cause more severe damage to your bathroom. Call a professional to either patch up the holes in the caulk or grout, or replace it entirely.

When you consider the potential health effects on your family, the cost of NOT doing home maintenance seems too high to calculate or even consider. Take the time to keep your bathroom clean and well-maintained. Hopefully, these good habits will rub off on your children, and not any toxic mold.

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