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Do you know how to remove rust from your bathtub? we teach you how to repair a rusty bathtub, small holes, and other breaks.

Being able to enjoy a full bathroom with a bathtub in our house is a real luxury. Over time it happens that they appear in scratches and small fissures in the bathtub or scab spots that form holes or chips. Don’t worry, almost everything has a solution if you act quickly when you see the damage. It’s important to get down to business and fix the chip in the tub before it turns into a hole.

The DIY market offers you a lot of easy solutions to repair a bathtub, with a little skill it will look new.

How to fix a rusty bathtub
Sometimes due to excess moisture from condensation, poor bathroom ventilation, and using abrasive products that damage enamel, our bathtub has rusted. This rust appears when there is a constant contact of water on metal surfaces, something very common when we have a cast iron or steel bathtub with enamel. However, if you have an acrylic bathtub, there is no chance of rust forming.

Other causes of the appearance of rust in the bathtub are also: scratches in the enamel caused by a razor blade, the fall of a can, or a leaky faucet. Actions that end up favoring the appearance of rust stains in the bathtub. Stains that in addition to being unsightly, if we do not act quickly over time will form a hole.

The first solution when the rust stain appears in the bathtub is to clean with a common household product, such as vinegar. To do this, heat the vinegar to a boil and rub the stain with a cloth.

On the other hand, if the rust appears because of a blow to the enamel of the bathtub, the solution is easy. To repair this type of bumps in the bathtub there are specific products that are easy to apply, such as ceramic repairers. Usually, the restorer comes with an applicator brush, just cover the chipping of the bathtub with the repairer and let it dry.

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How to repair a rusty bathtub, How to Repair a Rusty Tub? Tips and Solutions