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The bathroom is a space in the house that requires continuous and detailed cleaning. Many times, due to our occupations, we do not always have the time necessary to keep the bathroom clean. Despite this, we can from time to time clean our bathroom in a practical and fast way.

With these two daily cleaning tricks, you could make it easier to clean your bathroom on the weekend.

For quick bathroom cleaning, you should have a kind of set of utensils and cleaning supplies at hand since cleaning each time we go to the bathroom will make weekly thorough cleaning less difficult. You must have a brush to clean the toilet after using it, thus avoiding the formation of tartar and the appearance of stains.

Likewise, it is convenient that you prepare a mixture of vinegar and water in a spray bottle and leave it at hand with a cloth, both for cleaning the mirror and for spraying on the shower tiles or to clean the bathtub after our daily bath.

By following these two daily habits after using the bathroom, it will be much easier to clean the bathroom weekly and keep it completely sanitized every day.

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