Areas to be disinfected in your home during this quarantine

This quarantine is a serious thing, as Coronavirus can be mortal, very painful and leave long-lasting consequences in the respiratory system. Staying home is the best way to avoid it, and continuous cleaning and disinfection reduce the possibilities of spreading it. In kitchens, objects we usually touch, such as water taps, handles of cabinets and refrigerators, water taps, sinks, etc, must always be clean. If you were out buying groceries, for instance, you must remove your shoes and clothes at…

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What’s the difference Between a Plumber and a Plumbing Contractor?

If you are not sure what the difference is between a plumber and a plumbing contractor look no further. Essentially the main difference is that a plumber will fix issues such as a clogged drain, leaky faucet, or something small. It’s usually a single person who works for him or herself. A plumbing contractor usually deals with larger construction type jobs. It might be remodeling, renovations, handling large jobs that involve the entire water supply and plumbing system. What Does a…

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Our high quality bathtub refinishing coatings will allow you to have a beautiful bathroom without the expensive and messy process of traditional remodeling.

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Your old fixtures can be rejuvenated at minimum expense compared to tearing out and replacement or inserts.

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