Do you have a chipped, rusted or stained bathtub or tile? What about Bathtub Refinishing

Perhaps, you have a shower or fiberglass that is leaking or cracked? You don’t have to throw them away! Let us help you refinish your bathtub, showers, sinks and tiles. bathtub refinishing

Refinishing is a practical way of making worn and tired fixtures look as fresh as new. We have the required skills, as well as the quality topcoats needed to make this a reality at affordable rates; a fraction of the cost of getting a replacement. The result of our refinishing is a bathtub, shower or tiles with amazing gloss and durability.

Located in Houston, Tx, New Generation Remodelling serves the whole of Houston and surrounding areas. Our skilled technicians are always available to help with your refinishing whenever you call on us.
We specialize in:

Bathtub Refinishing Services:
Bathtub refinishing can help you save money over bathtub replacement. The tradition for many homeowners before now is to replace their bathtubs when they are chipped or scratched. This shouldn’t be the case anymore, as you can save up to 80% of the cost of replacing your bathtub by refinishing.

Refinishing your bathtub not only saves you money, but time as well. Our refinishing experts will take only 4 to 6 hours to refinish your tub and get it ready for use. This cannot be compared with a replacement that can take days or even weeks to get replaced. If your tub is cracked or not as functional as you would like it to be, you can affordably recreate your heart desired bathtub with New Generation Refinishing.

We are New Generation Remodeling providing satisfaction guaranteed for Bathtub Refinishing Services in Houston!

Tile Refinishing Services
A lot of people choose to replace their tiles as a result of missing tiles or dated color. You don’t want to spend money on tile replacement when you can easily update them. Refinishing your tiles not only makes for durability, it also has a design impact on bathroom appearance. We offer the services you need to refinish your tile, so you don’t necessarily need to replace them.
We will refresh your tile to look elegant, trendy and original. If you don’t want your bathroom to be out of use for a long time as a result of the chiselling and mess that comes with tile replacement, then call on us today, as we can provide you with a faster alternative!
We are New Generation Remodeling providing satisfaction guaranteed for Bathtub Refinishing Services in Houston!

Sinks and Showers Refinishing Services
Daily activities like brushing of teeth and washing of hands can make your bathroom sink to wear out with time. While a lot of individuals will opt for replacement when they notice cracking and stains, refinishing is oftentimes a better option. Refinishing is more cost-effective and produces the exact same results as replacements. At New Generation Refinishing, we will refinish your bathroom sink to look as bright as new. We use glaze over the sink surface to fix the appearance, remove all the cracks and other damages, and then finish it off once you have decided on a color. All these doesn’t take more than a few hours.

In the same way, you don’t have to replace your shower if they are a horrible sight, damaged, or hard to clean. We can refinish your fiberglass or tile shower right in place! You don’t have endure the messy demolition that comes with replacement, as our sinks and shower refinishing services can deliver a beautiful sink and shower with a fresh feel.
We make use of quality products in our refinishing services, so you can be assured of the best in every job we deliver.
Our highly skilled technicians will always give your project the attention it deserves. Our customers’ happiness is our top priority – you have absolutely nothing to worry about with our refinishing services.

Regardless of whether it’s bathtub refinishing, tile refinishing, or sinks and shower refinishing, we can deliver on the job.

Let us know how we can help you polish up your bathtub, tiles, sinks or showers today!
We are New Generation Remodeling providing satisfaction guaranteed for Bathtub Refinishing Services in Houston!

“We work with refinishing experts, that have been trained to offer a fast and trustworthy service, So we can assure you that every refinishing project we execute, will accomplish with the highest quality standards of the industry.”


Our company is driven by integrity and honesty. We focus in bringing a quality and affordable bathtub and tile refinishing service to all of our customers in the Houston TX area

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